Terms and conditions

Van: FullTank B.V. en FullTank Offroad Distrifuel B.V.

ARTICLE 1 Definitions

FT: all the aforementioned private limited companies, the user of the general terms
and conditions, seller, carrier, service provider, contractor;
Other Party: FT’s other party, the buyer, the client;
Carrier: the party who provides the logistics services;
Sender: the party where the goods are collected;
Recipient: the recipient or (co-)resident, or subordinate working at the delivery address,
to whom the goods must be delivered by the carrier;
Agreement: the agreement between FT and the other party.

ARTICLE 1 General

The provisions of these general terms and conditions apply to every offer and agreement between FT and the other party where the parties have not expressly deviated from these terms and conditions in writing;

2.2 The present terms and conditions also apply to all agreements with FT, while FT uses third-party services for their performance.

2.3 The applicability of general terms and conditions of the other party is expressly excluded, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing;

2.4 In the event that FT concludes agreements with the other party more than once, the present general terms and conditions shall apply to all subsequent agreements, irrespective of whether they have been explicitly declared applicable;

2.5 In addition to these terms and conditions, the General Transport Conditions of 2002 (abbreviated as: GTC) apply with regard to domestic transport, and the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (abbreviated as: CMR Convention) apply with regard to cross-border tran- sport activities by road, where these terms and conditions do not include any provisions to the contrary;

2.6 If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are invalid or should be annulled in whole or in part, the remaining provisions of these general terms and conditions shall continue to apply (in whole or in part), while the parties shall be deemed to have agreed on provisions that, with regard to the invalid provision, are as much as possible in keeping with the purport of the invalid provision.

ARTICLE 3 Offers/Orders/Prices

All offers made by FT, in any form whatsoever, shall be non-binding, unless a period for acceptance is specified in the offer;

3.2 If a natural person concludes an agreement on behalf of or for the account of another natural person, he must declare – by signing the purchase form/order – that he is authorised to do so. This person shall be jointly and severally liable with the other natural person for all obligations arising from the agreement;

3.3 Agreements to which FT is a party shall not be deemed to have been concluded until FT has accepted an order/purchase from the other party in writing, or until FT has actually delivered the goods sold to the other party from the FT warehouse, or the actual storage has taken place;

3.4 In the case of verbal agreements, the invoice is deemed to reflect the agreement accurately and completely, unless a complaint is made within 8 days of the invoice date;

3.5 The sales prices in the offers/catalogues/price lists apply to carriage-paid delivery, in euros, exclusive of VAT and government levies, exclusive of shipping, transport, export, insurance, loading, packaging and administration costs, unless the parties have explicitly agreed otherwise;

3.6 FT may pass on price increases up to 2 months after execution of the agreement if, between the time of the offer/acceptance and the time of commencement of the execution of the agreement, a VAT increase or other statutory or cost-price increase of more than 5% has occurred;

3.7 FT shall be entitled to adjust its prices or discounts on the recommended prices each year by at least an adjustment for inflation;

3.8 Discounts can only be agreed in writing;

3.9 FT may refuse an order or part of an order or attach conditions to an order without stating reasons.

ARTICLE 4 Delivery

Deliveries are executed by FT, unless the Parties agree otherwise;

4.2 If FT bears the responsibility for a delivery, this must at all times take place at the delivery address of the other party, i.e. the most recent address known to FT;

4.3 FT shall be entitled to charge an advance. The delivery to the other party shall take place after payment of the advance, unless the parties have agreed otherwise;

4.4 The other party shall be obliged to accept the products from the moment FT delivers them or causes them to be delivered to the other party, or from the moment when they are provided to the other party in accordance with the agreement. Upon arrival, the other party shall immediately provide the opportunity to unload the goods in a facility suitable for the product;

4.5 If the other party refuses to take delivery or fails to provide information or instructions which are necessary for the delivery, FT shall be entitled to store the products at the other party’s expense and risk. If the other party does not take delivery within one (1) month, the other party shall remain liable to pay the sales price and all additional costs, including in any case transport and storage costs, and FT shall be entitled to sell the products to another party. If this should not be successful, FT shall have the right to destroy the goods. The loss suffered by FT in the event of resale or destruction shall be borne by the other party;

4.6 If delivery is made on a COD basis, FT shall charge the other party with the costs for COD;

4.7 If FT has stated a delivery period, this shall be an indicative time. A stated delivery period shall
therefore never constitute a firm deadline. If a period is exceeded, the other party shall give FT written notice of default and allow FT a reasonable period of time to effect the delivery;

4.8 Furthermore, the delivery period shall always apply subject to uninterrupted work and material supply, uninterrupted transport and timely delivery by FT’s suppliers, such that FT shall be able to meet the delivery period;

4.9 In the event that FT requires data from the other party under the performance of the contract, the delivery period shall commence after the other party has provided the data to FT;

4.10 Exceeding the delivery time shall never give the other party the right to claim compensation, nor shall it be entitled to fail to fulfil any obligation arising from the agreement;

4.11 FT shall be entitled to deliver the goods in parts. FT shall be entitled to invoice partial deliveries separately;

4.12 Weights and measures determined at the place of delivery are binding if delivery is made using a calibrated meter with a tag-print system or a comparable system. In other cases, the dimensions and weights of the delivering installation shall be the criterion. The other party shall be entitled to be represented during this determination and to have the goods measured and/or weighed at its own expense;

4.13 Indications of the other party with regard to the maximum content of and the liquid level in its tanks, as well as the nature of the product contained therein, shall be considered accurate. The consequences of an inaccurate or unclear indication shall be for the account of the other party. Any damage, including the loss of the delivered product, caused by the overflowing of storage tanks during filling and caused by the absence or the improper functioning of sounding bars, overfill protection, gauge or other facilities for unloading or gauging, shall also be for the other party’s account, as well as the absence of a KIWA installation certificate.

ARTICLE 5 Loan/Hire

Packaging is included in the sales price, unless otherwise agreed;

5.2 Packaging not included in the price, but for which, for example, a deposit is charged, shall be provided on loan and shall continue to be the property of FT;

5.3 Packaging for which no deposit is charged shall in principle not be taken back, unless agreed otherwise. Returnable packaging for which a deposit has been charged shall only be taken back and credited by FT if the other party returns it to FT in good time, completely, in FT’s opinion in good condition and carriage paid, at the address to be indicated by FT;

5.4 All materials and facilities provided by FT on loan or for hire or purchase may be used only for the storage and/or processing of products supplied by FT;

5.5 Upon or after delivery, the other party must ascertain the good condition of the provided materials and installations;

5.6 The other party is obliged to have the provided materials and installations properly maintained by a
competent expert. All costs of use and maintenance of the materials and installations are for the account of the other party;

5.7 If the other party violates its obligation(s) pursuant to the preceding paragraphs, FT shall have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and the other party shall be obliged to immediately place the provided materials and facilities at FT’s disposal in a clean, well-maintained and empty location, without prejudice to FT’s right to compensation.

ARTICLE 6 Models, illustrations

The models, illustrations, numbers, measurements, weights or descriptions included in offers, advertisements or price lists are shown only as indications;

6.2 If the other party has been shown a sample or an illustration, the parties will assume that this has been shown as an indication, unless it has been explicitly agreed that the good to be delivered will entirely correspond to the shown sample or illustration.

ARTICLE 7 Examination, complaints

The other party shall be obliged to inspect the delivered goods, or cause them to be inspected, at the time of delivery. In doing so, the other party shall examine whether the quality and quantity of the goods delivered corresponds to the agreements made. Any visible defects and deviations must be noted on the delivery note and reported by telephone within 24 hours, failing which the goods delivered shall be deemed to be sound and solid;

7.2 Any deficiencies shall also be communicated to FT in writing within 24 hours of delivery;

7.3 Signing of the delivery note by the other party shall moreover constitute proof that the delivery has been made properly. In the event of deliveries during the other party’s absence, any complaints concerning the manner of delivery shall be communicated to FT in writing within 24 hours.

7.4 Complaints about the invoice must be made in writing within 8 days of the invoice date;

7.5 After the expiry of the complaint period, the other party shall be deemed to have approved the goods delivered and/or the invoice;

7.6 If a complaint is made in time, the other party shall remain obliged to accept and pay for the
purchased goods. If the other party wishes to return defective goods, it may only do so with FT’s prior written consent. Return shipments must be sent carriage paid in undamaged condition and original packaging, using a return form;

7.7 The following situations shall never give rise to any claims:
– deviations in colour, weight, size, or number of litres or units of more or less than 10%;
– the typesetting, printing and writing errors mentioned in offers, advertisements and price lists;
– natural blemishes;

7.8 A complaint is passed on to the manufacturer, since the manufacturer is responsible for the soundness of the item sold. The manufacturer will investigate the complaint and determine whether the complaint is justified;

7.9 If a complaint is found to be valid, FT shall repair or replace the delivered goods, unless this has meanwhile become evidently useless for the other party, which is to be stated by the other party in writing. Instead of repairing or replacing the products delivered, FT shall be entitled to credit the other party for the lesser value up to a maximum of the invoice amount. However, FT shall in all cases only be liable within the limits of the provisions of Article 2 of 15 these terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 8 Payment

8.1 Payment shall be made within the agreed period and, failing that, within 8 days of the invoice date in a manner to be indicated by FT in euros, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. Objections to the amount of the invoices shall not suspend the other party’s payment obligation;

8.2 Contrary to any agreements made with respect to payment, FT shall be entitled to demand payment for products already delivered and/or to request advance payment before making any further delivery;

8.3 If the other party fails to make payment within the agreed period, it shall be in default by operation of law. The other party shall then owe an interest of 1.5% per month or part thereof, unless the statutory interest or the statutory commercial interest is higher, in which case the highest interest shall apply. The interest on the amount due and payable shall be calculated from the moment the other party is in default until the moment of payment of the amount in full;

8.4 If the other party has multiple financial obligations in respect of FT or if it has been agreed that delivery and payment shall be made in instalments, all other claims, including future instalments, shall become immediately due and payable in the event that the other party defaults on one (1) of the claims;

8.5 In the event of the other party’s liquidation, bankruptcy or filing for bankruptcy, admission of the other party to statutory debt rescheduling pursuant to the Dutch Natural Persons Debt Rescheduling Act (Wet Schuldsanering Natuurlijke Personen), placement of the other party under legal restraint, the other party’s death, transfer or cessation of the other party’s business, attachment or (provisional) suspension of payment of the other party, FT’s claims against the other party shall be immediately due and payable;

8.6 If so agreed, FT shall be entitled to charge a 2% credit-restriction surcharge, which shall not be due if payment is made within 8 days of the invoice date;

8.7 Payment shall be made to FT, unless FT has assigned its claim against the other party to a third party or has pledged it to a third party. If this is the case, FT shall notify the other party in writing that it may pay the third party in full, which shall discharge the other party;

8.8 Payments shall first be applied to reduce the costs, then the interest due and finally the principal sum and the current interest;

8.9 With regard to the payment of the price, the other party shall not appeal to offsetting any amounts against any claim which the customer may have against FT. Nor shall the other party be entitled to suspend its payment of the price by virtue of an alleged counterclaim or objection relating to the performance of the contract.

ARTICLE 9 Collection costs

If the other party is in default or breach of contract in the (timely) fulfilment of its obligations, all reasonable costs incurred in obtaining satisfaction out of court shall be borne by the other party. The collection costs amount to at least 15% of the outstanding claim, with a minimum of € 350;

9.2 If FT has incurred higher expenses, which were reasonably necessary, these shall also be eligible for reimbursement. Any reasonable judicial and execution costs incurred shall also be borne by the other party.

ARTICLE 10 Right of possessory lien

In the event of late payment of its payment obligations to FT, the other party shall, in the event that the goods delivered by FT have been redelivered by the other party to third parties, be obliged to pledge to FT, at the first request, all its rights in respect of those third parties deriving from the redelivery, as a security for all of FT’s remaining claims against the other party;

10.2 In consideration of this obligation, the other party shall hereby pledge all its rights in respect of the said third parties deriving from the obligation. In case of failure of timely payment by the other party of its payment obligations to FT, FT shall be entitled to notify the said third parties of the present pledge in order to create the right of possessory lien;

10.3 The other party shall be obliged to render all necessary assistance in this respect, in particular by promptly providing FT, at its first request, with the names and addresses of all third parties to which it has redelivered the goods delivered by FT, as well as with all the rights it has acquired in respect of those third parties with respect to that redelivery;

10.4 If, following a demand note by FT, the other party continues to fail to provide such assistance, it shall forfeit a penalty payable on demand of twenty-five percent of FT’s outstanding receivable from the other party, as well as a penalty payable on demand of five percent of the outstanding receivable for each subsequent day during which the other party’s failure continues, without prejudice to FT’s right to claim performance in addition.

Article 11 Retention of title

All items delivered by FT shall remain FT’s property until the other party has fulfilled all of the
obligations arising from all contracts concluded with FT;

11.2 The other party is not authorised to pledge, hire out, sell on or encumber in any other way the goods covered by the retention of title, unless the parties have agreed otherwise;

11.3 If third parties levy an attachment on the delivered goods subject to retention of title or wish to create or enforce a right to them, the other party shall be obliged to notify FT accordingly as soon as possible;

11.4 The other party shall insure the goods subject to retention of title at their new value. The proceeds paid by the insurer shall come in lieu of the aforementioned goods and shall accrue to FT;

11.5 Items delivered by FT which are subject to retention of title pursuant to paragraph 1 of this Article may not be resold without FT’s consent and may never be used as a means of payment;

11.6 In the event that FT wishes to exercise its property rights referred to in this Article, the other party shall give FT or third parties to be designated by FT its unconditional and irrevocable permission to enter all those places where FT’s property is located and to take back the property.

ARTICLE 12 Suspension and dissolution

FT shall be authorised to suspend fulfilment of its obligations or dissolve the agreement in the event that:
– the other party fails to fulfil its obligations arising from the agreement, or does not do so in time or in full;
– circumstances which have come to FT’s knowledge after the conclusion of the Agreement give a
valid reason to fear that the other party will not, not in a timely fashion, or not in full comply with its obligations. In the event there are valid reasons for fearing that the other party will only partially or improperly fulfil its obligations, suspension shall be permissible only insofar as the shortcoming justifies such action;
– the other party was requested to provide security for the fulfilment of its obligations under the
agreement when it was concluded and this security is not provided or is insufficient. As soon as security has been provided, the right to suspension shall be cancelled, unless such fulfilment has been unreasonably delayed as a result;

12.2 FT shall furthermore be authorised to (cause to) terminate the contract if circumstances arise, which are of such a nature that performance of the contract is impossible or can no longer be required according to standards of reasonableness and fairness, or if other circumstances arise, which are such that the unaltered maintenance of the contract can no longer be reasonably expected;

12.3 If the contract is dissolved, FT’s claims against the other party shall become immediately due and payable. In the event that FT suspends fulfilment of the obligations, it shall retain its claims under the law and the agreement;

12.4 FT shall at all times retain the right to claim damages.

ARTICLE 13 Cancellation

If, after entering into an agreement with FT and before FT’s delivery to the other party, the other party wishes to cancel the agreement, 10% of the agreed order price, including VAT, shall be charged to it in cancellation costs, without prejudice to the right to full compensation, including loss of profit;

13.2 Cancellations must be made in writing;

13.3 Items purchased especially for the other party cannot be cancelled;

13.4 If the other party has meanwhile paid the order price to FT, the order price less 10% and the freight charges shall be refunded to the other party in the event of cancellation.

ARTICLE 14 Guarantee

The items delivered by FT shall meet the requirements and specifications set by Dutch legislation;

14.2 This guarantee is limited to:
– production faults and therefore does not include damage caused by wear and tear, improper, negligent or incompetent use or improper processing, handling, maintenance and storage;
– deliveries to other parties within the EU;
– replacement or repair of the item;
– the manufacturer’s guarantee unless otherwise agreed.

14.3 This guarantee is void:
– in case of any processing, alterations or changes by the other party or by a third party of or to the delivered goods;
– when used for a purpose other than the stated purpose;

14.4 As long as the other party does not fulfil its obligations arising from the agreements concluded by the parties, it cannot appeal to this guarantee provision.

ARTICLE 15 Liability

If FT is liable for direct damage, this liability shall be limited to a maximum of the amount of the payment to be made by FT’s insurer, i.e. to a maximum of the invoice amount, or the part of the invoice which the liability pertains to.

15.2 FT shall in no event be liable for indirect loss, including consequential loss, loss of turnover and profit, lost savings and loss due to interruption in business operations.

15.3 FT shall not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly resulting from defects in the products delivered by FT, the products provided or the products used in the performance of the contract, or resulting from a deviating quality of the product delivered by FT, except in the case of product liability as referred to in Book 6, Title 3, Section 3 of the Dutch Civil Code.

15.4 FT shall never be liable for the damage resulting from substances on or in the property which have been rejected because of changes in environmental legislation after the conclusion of the agreement.

15.5 FT shall in no event be liable for any degradation of the property as a result of improper storage, processing, use or maintenance by the other party or a third party.

15.6 The other party shall indemnify FT against any claims by third parties who suffer a loss in connection with the performance of the contract and which loss is attributable to the other party.

15.7 FT shall in no event be liable for any damage resulting from improper use of the item, from use not in accordance with the instructions or from use for a purpose other than the purpose which the item is intended for.

15.8 FT shall in no case be liable for loss resulting from any advice given. Advice shall always be given on the basis of the facts and circumstances known to FT and in mutual consultation, with FT always basing itself on the other party’s intention as the guiding principle.

15.9 The other party shall examine in advance whether the purchased item is suitable for the purpose which it is to be used for. If subsequently the purchased item appears not suitable for the purpose, the other party may not hold FT liable for the ensuing loss.

15.10 If FT accepts the returned item, FT shall be entitled to charge a handling fee of 15% of the invoice value.

15.11 The limitations of liability for direct loss contained in these terms and conditions shall not apply if the
loss is attributable to intentional acts or omissions or gross negligence on the part of FT or its subordinates.

ARTICLE 16 Transfer of risk

The risk of loss of or damage to the goods which are the subject of the agreement shall pass to the other party from the moment these goods are legally and/or effectively delivered to the other party and consequently come under the control of the other party or a third party designated by the other party.

ARTICLE 17 Transport and services

17.1 Where FT organises the transport, shipment or storage of the products which are the subject of the contract, this will be entirely at the expense and risk of the other party, in a manner to be determined by FT, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

17.2 In any case, the prices of logistics services do not include:
– clearance costs;
– VAT;
– charges, including tolls;
– import rights;
– advance commission;
– ferry fees;
– costs for the preparation of customs or other documents;
– diesel fuel surcharges;
– currency surcharges;
– surcharges for additional loading and unloading addresses;
– insurances;
– storage costs.
These costs, if incurred, shall be charged separately to the other party, unless the parties have agreed otherwise;

17.3 The prices shall be calculated for locations that are easily accessible and with decent travelling circumstances. FT’s transport obligation does not extend beyond the location that can be reasonably reached by the means of transport it has selected. The other party shall be responsible for the subsequent transport. If, during the performance of the order, the accessibility is impaired, the carrier or FT, as the case may be, shall have the right to increase the prices with all the ensuing additional costs;

17.4 Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, all orders shall be carried out in a sequence to be determined by the carrier, while the capacity of the equipment available to the carrier and the degree of occupation shall also determine the time of commencement and completion of the orders. The carrier shall be free in the manner of carrying out assignments, unless specifically agreed otherwise;

17.5 In order to comply with customs and other formalities which must be fulfilled before delivery of the goods, the sender or the other party is obliged to add the necessary documents to the consignment note and to place them at the disposal of the carrier and to supply him with all necessary information;

17.6 The carrier shall not be liable for damage of any kind if the carrier has relied on inaccurate and/or incomplete data supplied by the other party or sender, unless this inaccuracy or incompleteness should have been known to the carrier;

17.7 Where possible, the carrier shall park his lorries during the overnight stay in a car park where several lorries are parked and with a petrol station. The carrier’s duty of care shall expressly not extend beyond this, even if third parties have agreed otherwise or if foreign insurers expressly require a broader duty of care;

17.8 The other party indemnifies the carrier against any claims by third parties, who suffer damage with respect to with the execution of the agreement and which damage is attributable to the other party;

17.9 The carrier shall collect the amounts, which are charged as cash on delivery, from the recipient upon delivery of the consignment and, if agreed, shall subsequently transfer these amounts to the other party. The carrier shall be entitled to deduct the costs of transport from the monies received;

17.10 If a recipient refuses to take delivery of the consignment offered C.O.D. or to pay the amount due, the carrier shall take back the consignment and deliver it to the sender or the other party at the other party’s expense;

17.11 The carrier shall be entitled to retain goods, monies and documents, the latter in the broadest sense of the word, for the account and risk of the other party until all FT’s or the carrier’s due and payable claims have been paid or, in the event of the goods being forwarded, to receive and settle the amount owed in cash on delivery;

17.12 All goods, documents and monies, which the carrier has or will have in his possession on account of any reason and for any purpose, serve as possessory lien for all claims which the carrier has or may have against the other party;

17.13 In the event of non-satisfaction of the claim, the sale of the possessory lien shall take place in the manner provided for in the law or, in case of agreement to the contrary, privately;

17.14 If so requested, the carrier may replace the possessory lien by a security of its own choice, or equivalent or more comprehensive security;

17.15 The other party can, in respect of the carrier, in no event appeal to suspension of payment, whether or not expressly granted, with respect to previous orders.

ARTICLE 18 Force majeure

FT shall not be obliged to fulfil any obligation if it is impeded from doing so as a consequence of a
circumstance which is not due to gross negligence or intent and for which it cannot be held
accountable by virtue of the law, a legal act or generally accepted practice;

18.2 In these general terms and conditions, the term ‘force majeure’ shall mean, in addition to its definition in the law and in case law, all external causes, whether or not anticipated, of which FT cannot exercise any control, yet which prevent FT from fulfilling its obligations in whole or in part or in a timely manner.
Strikes at FT’s company, transport strikes, traffic congestion, car trouble, theft, fire, export obstructions, power failures and stagnation of deliveries by suppliers, war, threat of war, full or partial mobilisation, blockade, import and export bans, requisitioning supplies from FT or its suppliers by the civil or military authorities, storm damage, extreme weather conditions, floods, a transport ban imposed by the authorities, boycotts, vandalism and other interruptions within FT’s company, as well as ashortage of the product, whether or not as a result of price increases, to such an extent that FT cannot reasonably be required to deliver, even at a higher price;

18.3 FT shall also be entitled to appeal to force majeure if the circumstance preventing (further)
performance commences after FT should have performed its obligation;

18.4 During the period of force majeure, FT may suspend its obligations under the agreement until a time to be determined by FT or may dissolve the agreement, without being obliged to pay any compensation to the other party;

18.5 To the extent that FT has already partially fulfilled its obligations under the agreement at the time
when the force majeure occurs or shall be able to fulfil them and insofar as independent value can be attributed to the part already fulfilled or to be fulfilled respectively, FT shall be entitled to separately invoice the part already fulfilled or to be fulfilled respectively. The other party shall be obliged to pay this invoice as if it were a separate agreement.

ARTICLE 19 Substitution

FT shall be entitled to substitute another person for the other party with respect to both the agreement concluded with the other party and the performance of that agreement;

19.2 The other party hereby gives its consent to FT for this substitution;

19.3 The substitution shall be effected as soon as FT, also on behalf of the person being substituted, has notified the other party in writing with respect to this.

ARTICLE 20 Copyright

Without prejudice to the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, FT shall reserve the rights and powers vested in it by the Copyright Act;

20.2 All brochures, catalogues, price lists, writings and other materials or (electronic) files provided by FT shall remain FT’s property, irrespective of whether they have been given to the other party or to third parties, unless agreed otherwise. They shall be exclusively destined for use by the other party and may not be reproduced, made public or brought to the notice of third parties by the other party without FT’s prior consent, unless the nature of the documents supplied dictates otherwise.

ARTICLE 21 Authentic version

Only the Dutch-language version of these terms and conditions is authentic. In the event of any discrepancies between the Dutch version and a translation, the Dutch version shall prevail.

ARTICLE 22 Disputes

The competent court in FT’s place of business shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any disputes between the parties. FT shall nevertheless have the right to submit the dispute to the court having jurisdiction under the law.

ARTICLE 23 Applicable law

Any agreement between FT and the other party shall be governed by Dutch law.

ARTICLE 24 Filed terms and conditions

These terms and conditions have been filed at the office of the Chamber of Commerce of
Midden-Nederland, Utrecht, on 23 December 2020 under number 23064393.