FullTank content and GPS sensor

With the FullTank sensor you are always aware of your current stock. This allows you to prevent an empty tank and eases to monitor your consumption. The FullTank sensor also transmits the location, a safe idea.
You will receive a notification by email or text message if the sensor generates an order from the FullTank platform.
As a customer you only need to check the order, the rest is done automatically.

Delivery in the Netherlands and abroad
On a project basis, we provide fuel deliveries and distribution in the Netherlands, Benelux and various European countries. It doesn’t matter which country you work in, Online FullTanken works everywhere!

Prevent abuse
With the FullTank sensor, deviating level differences and displacement of your tank/IBC are immediately noticeable.
This prevents improper use.

CO2 reduction
The FullTank sensor saves transport movements. With the knowledge that a heavy truck emits approximately 1 kg of CO2 per kilometer driven, there is a significant reduction in total CO2 emissions.


  • Insight into the level
  • Trend forecast
  • Minimum and maximum alarm levels
  • Exact location known by GPS
  • Control delivered quantity
  • Sensor data via your own FullTank app


  • Never an empty tank
  • Control your stock yourself
  • Prevents improper use
  • Optimization of deliveries = CO2 reduction of up to 30%

Services and support

We have a technical service, Diesel CleanTank Service, Offroad Distrifuel and SOS Oil Service. This service guarantees a 24/7 availability of fuel and AdBlue® on location within a specific time frame. Depending on the requirements you have, we conclude a contract and agree on a quarterly amount. For computer centers, hospitals, etc., where the power supply is very important, it is reassuring that in case of power outages, the emergency generators do not stop due to fuel shortages.

  • Assembles the installations according to the customer’s requirements
  • Correct certification
  • Kiwa and ADR tank inspections
  • FullTank content and GPS sensor
  • Online platform
  • Automatic supply
  • Installation security
  • Technical service on location
  • SOS Oil service, within a fixed time frame
  • Diesel CleanTank Service