Safety & Certification

FullTank has the following certificates;

ADR Safety Advisor

We cooperate with an external safety advisor. It gives advice and guidance to all employees who have to work with hazardous substances. Writes the annual report in which a summary is given of a number of fixed key figures, such as the transported quantities, the means of transport, which hazard class and the persons involved. In addition, a summary of damage and possible accidents. All in all, a good basis for healthy business operations.

Certified fleet

Our own technical service and workshop carry out regular inspections. In addition, all tankers are inspected annually at the RDW (Dutch Department for Road Traffic) so that everyone can be sure that the fleet is sound and safe for their own staff and other road users.

Certified personnel

Every five years, a tank truck driver must go to school to renew his ADR tank truck certificate and thus to be retrained for the theoretical part of the transport of dangerous substances. Furthermore, all drivers and logistics staff are in possession of the VCA diploma. Two employees also have the VCA Vol diploma. They give advice and guide the employees when it comes to work safety.