Our technical service is specialized in and certified to perform the Kiwa and ADR inspections both in our own workplace and at on location.

Why inspections?

• Working safely and responsibly
• ISO certification
• Insurance
• Inspection by RDW, RVI, customs, environmental services and client

What and when to inspect?

  • Kiwa inspection
    This inspection is required by law as a result of the environmental requirements of the PGS30. The 2.5 yearly Kiwa inspection only applies to IBCs with a Kiwa certificate; these are all IBCs produced after May 15, 1996.
  • ADR Due to the international transport regulation ADR, you can be maintained at all times on the quality of IBCs. Every 2.5 years: Airtightness test and external inspection condition Every 5 years: Replace gaskets, inspect internal condition, construction and characteristic

Services and support

We have a technical service, Diesel CleanTank Service, Offroad Distrifuel and SOS Oil Service. This service guarantees a 24/7 availability of fuel and AdBlue® on location within a specific time frame. Depending on the requirements you have, we conclude a contract and agree on a quarterly amount. For computer centers, hospitals, etc., where the power supply is very important, it is reassuring that in case of power outages, the emergency generators do not stop due to fuel shortages.

  • Assembles the installations according to the customer’s requirements
  • Correct certification
  • Kiwa and ADR tank inspections
  • FullTank content and GPS sensor
  • Online platform
  • Automatic supply
  • Installation security
  • Technical service on location
  • SOS Oil service, within a fixed time frame
  • Diesel CleanTank Service