What is AdBlue?

The substance required in an SCR catalyst to convert Nox into nitrogen and water is ammonia. The solution for this is AdBlue, a solution of urea in demineralised water in accordance with DIN standard 70070.


AdBlue meets the following criteria:

  • Din 70070
  • ISO 22241

AdBlue quality satisfies all ISO and CEFIC regulations for the maximum function of your SCR system. AdBlue is produced by VDA-registered businesses.

AdBlue advantages for you

  • High quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Affordable

AdBlue is delivered the way that you want it to be, from 1000L IBCs to larger quantities by tanker. Below, you will find an overview of the options.

Download the safety pamphlet for AdBlue here: MSDS AdBlue
Download the product pamphlet for AdBlue here: TDS Ad Blue