Fast delivery


All incoming orders for fuels and/or lubricants will be delivered within 24 hours during the work week


All deliveries are arranged and take place under close consultation with the client, and when the order is placed, you will receive immediate feedback regarding the expected delivery window.


If you regularly require fuel, it is frustrating to have to place a new order every time.

For these clients, we have created an automatic replenishment programme which makes it possible for you to have your storage tank refilled with fuel at a time that you determine beforehand.

It does not matter if you need it on a weekly basis, on a certain day, every 36 hours, or every 4 work days—it is all possible, even down to the specific hour.


It is possible to monitor your supply from a distance by setting up a measurement sensor. This will keep your tank from running dry and delivery amounts will be as close to perfect as it gets. That is advantageous for all parties involved!