Fulltank assembles any kind of fuel installation imaginable, all according to the client’s wishes. This is performed by our own team, who also provide the delivery pumping services.

Mobile and stationary fuel installations must satisfy the requirements for storage according to PGS30 and KIWA assessment directive BRL-K-744/02. This means that both underground and aboveground installations must be KIWA approved, including the pipes leading to the pump. The floor must also be impenetrable by fluids or fluid repellent. A ground inspection must take place annually.

Removal of old aboveground or underground installations must be performed responsibly. For you, this translates to a great deal of rules to take into account. Fulltank can help you with everything from the sanitation to the re-location and installation and we handle the proper certification.


  • Sale / installment plan
  • Hire
  • IBC and tank inspections
  • Sensors (pot. w/ positioning)
  • Securing your installation