Emergency service

In practice, it is apparent that accidents regularly occur with fuel storage, such as leakage, back siphonage, tank overflow from machinery, and impact damage to storage, etc.

An accident with a potentially significant impact may be hiding in the shadows, such as pollution of the soil and/or groundwater.

In such situations, it is necessary that you have a partner you can rely on, who does not wait until the next morning, but moves to action immediately instead.

When a notification is received, the necessary materials, such as pump lorries, pumps, absorption materials, hoses, leakage trays, and anything else required and manpower will be deployed to stop the pollution on site as well as (if possible) cleaning will be started with the aid of excavators and container trailers.

In such situations, one of our employees will act as the on-site emergency director to keep everything running in good order and to ensure that the right people are using the necessary materials at the proper location.